About Us

Founded in the Republic of Korea in 2017, UCSS was formed by a band of freedom seekers from many different nations, dedicated to developing a privacy preserving, high quality, borderless internet service over a network with quality we could be proud of.

Today’s Internet is a crucible where personal information can be collected, managed, and processed without our knowledge or consent. Freedom seekers have used a variety of methods to protect communications and evade surveillance, but we were not satisfied.

We saw potential in Shadowsocks, a safe and customizable communication protocol capable of evading surveillance and censorship. But the solutions offered by other providers were lacking. Most were localized, and we knew we wanted a global solution. Many also did not offer either the strict privacy protection or the stable service we needed.

We launched UCSS to offer a data transmission service over a high quality, borderless network with rigorous privacy controls. We understand that there is no perfect security or privacy protection, but we manage our network, systems, servers and applications in-house, in order to make sure that we use the most effective controls to reduce risk, providing reasonable security and privacy at a price our customers can afford.