About Us

UCSS is a company located in Korea, with colleagues of different nationality, sincere management, and optimization of services to provide stable services.

Currently, the Internet is a system that is a crucible of personal information. VPN and Shadowsocks have been developed and used for the purpose of protecting communication on the Internet. In this regard we think that it is essential to recognize that we are providing services to protect each individual’s personal information.

Since the development of Shadowsocks we have found possibilities in which it can be customized with safety and freedom. We have looked at providers that provide Shadowsocks services for individuals and companies, but most of them have been localized, and we could not find a service that we can appreciate in terms of privacy protection and support.

We launched UCSS with the goal of providing privacy protection standards and connection speeds that we are convinced in to surf the Internet comfortably and securely.

We manage all our services, systems, VPN servers, and applications in-house. From the perspective of protecting privacy and ensuring the safety of connections, we do not outsource to other companies or third organizations.