Application Terms of Service


OneCubit Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our Company”) provides several applications, including UCSS for Windows, UCSS for macOS, and UCSS for Android (hereinafter referred to as the “Application” or “App”). This Terms of Service document (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use”) describes the terms and conditions of use of the connection services (hereinafter referred to as the “Services” or “Service”), and governs the use and access to the Services, Apps, websites, and any content, software, hardware or network resources provided by our Company. The user (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) is an individual or corporation who has agreed to these terms, applied for a contract for the Service, and was granted the right to use the Service by our Company.

By agreeing to these Terms of Use, the User also agrees to our Company’s Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”).

By installing or using the Application, the User agrees to all the conditions of the Terms of Use. If the User does not agree to these terms, the User may not use our Services or Application, and must uninstall and delete the Application from the User’s hardware. These Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement between the User and our Company.

1. Change of Terms of Use

  1. Our Company can change the Terms of Use without notice. If the Terms of Use are changed, the changes will take effect immediately. If a User continues to use the Application after the change, the User agrees to the revised Terms of Use. The updated Terms of Use of use take precedence and the Terms of Use before the revision have no legal effect.
  2. The User has the right to review the Terms of Use at any time. The User understands that it is the User’s responsibility to stay informed on the current Terms of Use.

2. Rights of this Application

  1. All intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademark rights related to the Application’s user interface, programs, images, icons, etc. belong to our Company. The intellectual property rights to any third-party content accessed through the Service belong to the third-party content provider.
  2. This Application is for the User’s personal use only. The Content of the Application may not be reprinted without the permission of our Company.
  3. Any disputes over intellectual property rights, such as copyright violations, resulting from the User’s use of the Service are the User’s responsibility to resolve at the User’s own expense. Our Company accepts no responsibility for any violations of intellectual property rights by the User.

3. Prohibited Activity

  1. By using our Service, the User agrees not to:
    • Copy, modify or adapt the Application
    • Copy or disclose to a third party the programs that make up this Application (including all object code, source code, etc.)
    • Destroy the security device or security code embedded in this Application
    • Violate the laws of the country or region in which the User’s connection source is located or the country or region of the connection destination
    • Engage in activity related to child pornography or acts contrary to public order and morals
    • Interfere with with the operation of the Service
    • Cause damage or disadvantage to other Users, third parties, or our Company
    • Remove or change the copyright notice and other rights notices attached to the Application
    • Violate the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy
    • Or perform any other acts that our Company deems inappropriate
  2. Our Company will suspend Service without prior notice to any User that engages in any of the prohibited activities listed in these Terms of Use.
  3. If any other user, a third party, or our Company suffers damage due to prohibited activity on the part of the User, our Company will suspend or cancel the User’s Service and claim compensation for damages.
  4. If our Company suspends or cancels the User’s Service for violation of the Terms of Use, the User is responsible for any damages incurred by the User or any third-parties due to cancellation or suspension of the Service. Our Company is not responsible for any damages due to non-performance or tort to the User or any third-parties.

4. Disclaimer

  1. Our Company is not responsible for damages caused by defects in this Application, defects related to the operation of this Application (including errors and deviations in displayed information), the impact of this Application on the User’s hardware or other software installed on the User’s hardware, or disadvantages suffered by the User due to inability to use the Application.
  2. Our Company is not liable for any damage or disadvantage to the User due to the completeness, accuracy, certainty or usefulness of any information obtained through this Application and Service.
  3. Our Company does not guarantee that this Application will be compatible with all of the User’s devices.
  4. If our Company confirms that the email and password entered when using this Application match those registered by our Company, we will consider that they have been used by our members, and they will be plagiarized or misused. Even if it is used by a person other than the member due to other reasons, we will not be liable for any damage caused by it.

5. Court of competent jurisdiction

  1. The User and our Company agree that either the Republic of Korea Court or the District Court of the Republic of Korea shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first instance for disputes related to the Terms of Use, depending on the nature of the dispute.

Revision Date: 21st June 2021