Set Up UCSS on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod)

We recommend you to use Shadowrocket. The difference between free and paid apps is the functionality and stableness. Paid apps are more stable than free app.

NamePrice App StoreTutorial
Potatso LiteFreeDownloadYes
Quantumult X$7.99DownloadYes
Surge 4$49.99DownloadNo

How to Set Up Shadowrocket

Display Importing QR code

Log in to Client page. Go to “Services” >  “Manage”. Tap Shadowrocket “Display QR Code”. The QR code is displayed.

When setting from iPhone or iPad, take a screenshot of the displayed QR code.

Load your servers

Open Shadowrocket. Tap the shooting mark in the upper left. If QR code is displayed from PC, please read it. When setting from iPhone, tap the shooting mark, then tap the album mark in the upper right and select the QR code screenshot. Server information is automatically loaded.

If the subscription URL does not appear to be loaded, restart the app once.

Switching modes

Tap “Global Routing”. Select “Proxy”.

  • Proxy: All data traffic via our server
  • Config: China IP website, some other IP does not go through our server
  • Direct: All data traffic does not go through our server
  • Scene: Connection rule can be set for each Wi-Fi or 4G line

Connect to UCSS server

Tap the connection button on the top right. Installed with “Allow” because you will be asked if you want to install the config file. The server can be switched while connected.

If the server list is not displayed, tap the server icon on the left side of the subscription name.

Update your subscription URL

Swipe right on the server group name displayed in “Home”. Tap “Update” to complete the update.

You can set auto update from “Settings” > “Subscribe” > “Update on Open”.

How to Set Up Quantumult X

Copy Quantumult X URL

Log in to the Client area. Go to “Services” > “Manage” > Copy “Quantumult X URL”

Make sure to copy “Quantumult X URL” which is ONLY for Quantumult X. The subscription URL can not be applicable because each one has its own format.

Load QuantumultX URL

Tap the button at the bottom right and select the link mark on the upper right. Paste the QuantumultX URL you copied into “Link profile” and select “OK” to load the server information.

Switch Mode and Server

Tap and hold the button at the bottom right. You can see three modes.

Select “White (Based on Filter) mode” and choose a server from Proxy. The toggle on the upper right is a button to turn on/off.

  • Blue mode = All Proxy: Route all traffic through UCSS server
  • White mode = Based on Filter: Route all traffic through UCSS server except Mainland IP (bypass Mainland IP)
  • Orange mode = All Direct: Direct all traffic

A new “China” filter is added. You can set whether or not China IP is routed. “Direct” bypasses Mainland IP. “Proxy” route all Mainland IP through UCSS server.

Update Server Information

Tap the button at the bottom right and select the link mark on the upper right. Select “Update” to update server information.

How to Set Up Potatso Lite

Copy Subscription URL

Log in to Client page. Go to “Services” > “Manage”. Copy Subscription URL.

Load server URL

Open Potatso Lite. Select “Add a Proxy” > “Subscription”. Enter “Name” as you like, turn on “Auto Update” and paste the subscription URL which you copied. Tap “Done”. All server information is loaded.

After selecting the server, switch on / off with the icon at the bottom right.

Switch Mode

Tap “Settings” at the bottom right. You can switch it on and off from the “Smart Routing” toggle.

When Smart Routing is turned on, only Chinese IP will be bypassed. Customers who want to use all communication via the server and who use it outside of China should turn it off.

Update your subscription URL

Tap the group name under “Manage” on the right side of “Choose Proxy” > “Subscription”. The update is completed with “Done” in the upper right. If you turn on “Auto Update”, it will be updated automatically.


  • The connection password and server information (server URL) are user-private information. In order to use it safely, please DON’T upload it to SNS (WeChat, QQ etc) and other people.
  • If problems occur on those apps, please contact the developer of the app. UCSS can not solve the problem with the application.