Set Up UCSS on macOS

UCSS recommends using ClashX, this software is updated regularly.

How to set ClashX

Software download

Download “ClashX” from the download menu after logging in and open the .dmg file to the application folder. When the installation is completed, the Clash icon will appear in the upper menu bar.

Our services are only available from ClashX Pro. Please note that ClashX cannot be used.

Please refer here if you can not open the application.

Copy Clash URL

Log in to the Client area. Go to “Services” > “My services” > “Manage” > Copy “Clash URL”

Make sure to copy “Clash URL” which is ONLY for Clash. The subscription URL can not be applicable because each one has its own format.

Load Your Servers

Open ClashX. A ClashX mark is displayed in the menu bar. Select “Config” > “Remote Config” > “Manage” > “Add” > Paste Clash URL you copied to “URL” > Enter the “Config Name” as you want > “OK” > “Succeed” to load server information

If it can’t be loaded successfully due to network issues, you can go to “Config” → “Remote Config” → “Update” it manually.

Switch Server and Mode

You can choose 4 modes in “Proxy Mode”. “Rule” is set as default. You could use “Global” if necessary.

  • Global→ Route all traffic through UCSS server
  • Rule→ Route all traffic through UCSS server except Mainland IP (bypass Mainland IP)
  • Script→ Route traffic according to the written rules in the script
  • Direct→ Direct all traffic

After choosing a mode on “Proxy Mode”, you can select the server on “Proxy”. You can turn it on by selecting “Set as System proxy”. “Set as System proxy” is a toggle to turn on/off.

If you want to use an application that does not allow you to use some proxies, please turn off “Set as system proxy” and turn on “Enhanced Mode.”

How to set up ShadowsocksX

Software download

Download “ShadowsocksX for macOS” from “Download” in the menu bar after logging in to the account page. Installation will be completed if an airplane mark is displayed in the upper menu bar.

Please refer here if you can not open the application.

Copy Subscription URL

From the account page. Chose your service. Copy subscription URL.

Load your servers

Open ShadowsocksX. An airplane mark is displayed in the menu bar. “Server” > “Edit Subscribe Feed”. Push the plus button, paste the copied subscription URL into “URL” and “OK”. Select “Server” > “Manually update subscribe”. If “Successfully ..” is displayed, the server is loaded normally.

If you want to load the server individually, tap on the smartphone mark next to the corresponding server from the server list on the account page.

Switching modes

Several modes can be selected. Basically, we recommend using global mode.

  • Auto Mode By PAC: According to the list of blocked websites, only blocked sites are connected via the SSR server. (Blacklist system)
  • White List Mode: Sites written in whitelist do not go through SSR server and connect
  • Global Mode: All communication via the SSR server
  • Manual Mode: Via SS local only without going through System Proxy

Update your subscription URL

Select the server name from the menu bar > “Manual Update Subscribe” to complete the update. If you check “Update Subscribe on app Start”, it will be updated automatically.

How to set up Proxifier for macOS (ShadowsocksX)

Software download

Proxifier allows you to set detailed settings such as UDP connection, rules for whether or not to go through the server for each application, and the port to use.

We can provide you a free license. Please contact the support from the client area if you need it.

Official website: Proxifier The Most Advanced Proxy Client

Proxifier is software that extends the function of Proxy. Please use with ShadowsocksX.

IP and Port settings

Open the app and click “Proxies” in the upper left. Click “Add”.

Enter the IP address and port number of ShadowsocksX. Server address is “” Port is “1086” Protocol is “SOCKS Version5” by default and “OK” is selected.

You will be asked if you want to use the configuration proxy by default, “Yes”, it will automatically detect the use of the software, so select “Apply suggested changes automatically” and “OK”.

Setting Connection Rules

Confirm that Profile is set as shown below and click “Rules”.

Click “Add …”. Enter “Name” arbitrarily, do not enter “Applications”, enter “localhost;; :: 1;% ComputerName%” to “Target Hosts”. Select “Direct” for “Action” and OK.

If the rules are set as shown in the image, basically all communication is going through via ShadowsocksX.

There is no switch in Proxifier. Rules that are set automatically while the app is running are applied.


  • The connection password and server information (server URL) are user-private information. In order to use it safely, please DON’T upload it to SNS (WeChat, QQ etc) and other people.
  • If problems occur about above software, please contact the developer of the app. UCSS can not solve the problem with the application.