Set Up UCSS on Windows

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and higher
Compatible devices: Windows PC / Tablet

How to set up UCSS for Windows

Software download

Login to account page. Please download “UCSS for Windows” from the side menu

Recommended for use with Windows 10 or higher.

UCSS for Windows is connected using system VPN. It can also be used with games and software that requires UDP transfer.

Login to UCSS

When you open the exe file, you will be asked for permission to change, select “Yes”. Then click “Install”. The software installation is complete. You will be redirected to the login screen, enter your email and password, and click “LOGIN”. The server information will be read in a few seconds. You can change the server by clicking on the server name.

If TAP-Windows Provider V9 is not installed, you will be asked if it is installed. Please install this software.

Software settings

You can change the setting from the icon on the top left. Two connection methods (Mode) can be selected.

  • Global: All communications connect through the UCSS server
  • Smart Routing: Connect by bypassing mainland IP

You can log out from “Account” and check the remaining traffic. Because it is based on the information acquired at the time of software launch, please confirm the correct remaining traffic from the account page.

Update your subscription URL

If you close the app and launch it again, it will be updated automatically.

How to set up SSTap

Software download

By using SSTap you can connect with UDP. One of the options for people using online games is SSTap.

Official website: SSTap for Gaming

Can not be used with SSR for Windows. When using SSTap please be sure to turn off SSR for Windows and use it.

Although it is famous software, support is stopped now in addition to not being open source. Please use at your own risk.

Copy Subscription URL

From the account page, Chose your corresponding service. Copy subscription URL.

Load server infomation

Click the gear mark on the lower right. Select “SSR Subscription” → “SSR Subscription management”. Enter the subscription URL in “URL” and click “Add” on the right side. When you close the window, the server information is automatically loaded.

When reading the subscription URL manually, select gear mark → “SSR Subscription” → “Manual update SSR Subscription”.

Connection test and rule setting

Select a server from “Proxy”. Click the inazuma mark next to the right. If “UDP relay … Passed!” Is displayed, it is possible to connect normally.

“Mode” is basically “Global Wide”, when using on browser, please chose “Web Browser Only”.

DNS Setting

If you are having connection problems with some applications, you may be able to solve it by changing the DNS.

Change the gear mark from “Settings…” to “Use your own DNS”. After changing Preferred DNS to and Alternate DNS to (CloudFlare), click “Save” to complete.

How to set up ShadowsocksR for Windows

Software download

Login to account page. Please download “Shadowsocks R for Windows” from the side menu d
“Download”. If you can not open Zip file please use unzip application such as 7z or WinRAR.

If you open the exe file by double-clicking it, you will be asked for permission to connect to the network, so please check all of your home, work and shared network and allow it.

SSR for Windows does not support UDP connection . Those who use it for games please use Proxifier, SSTap or install Merlin on the router.

Copy Subscription URL

From the account page, Chose your corresponding service. Copy subscription URL.

Load your servers

Open ShadowsocksR for Windows. An airplane mark is displayed in the menu bar . “Subscribe to Server” → “Subscribe Settings”. Paste the subscription URL copied to “URL” and “OK”. Select “Subscribe to server” → “Update SSR server subscribe without going through proxy”. If “Success ..” is displayed, the server is loaded normally.

If you want to load the server individually, tap on the smartphone mark next to the corresponding server from the server list on the account page.

Select server, switch proxy rule and mode

Select the server to connect to from “Servers” → “UCSS”.

Basically, we recommend setting “Disable bypass” for proxy rules. If you do not want to let China IP go through the SSR server, select “Bypass LAN & China”.

You can choose PAC and global mode. Basically, we recommend using Global. The mode selection turns the switch on / off.

  • PAC: According to the list of blocked websites, only blocked sites are connected via the SSR server. (Blacklist system)
  • Global: All communication via the SSR server.

Update your subscription URL

Right-click the airplane mark on the menu bar. Click “Node Subscribe”. If turn on proxy “Update subscribe” if switched off click “Update subscribe (bypass proxy)”.

How to set up Proxifier

Software download

Proxifier can set up finely the connection such as UDP, whether or not to go through the SSR server for each application, the port to use etc.

The difference between the regular version and the Portable version is whether or not to install on your PC. Portable version can be launched from USB memory. We can provide you a free license. Please contact the support from the client area if you need it.

Official website: Proxifier The Most Advanced Proxy Client

Proxifier is software that extends the function of Shadowsocks R for Windows. Please use with ShadowsocksR for Windows.

IP and Port settings

Open the application and click “Proxy Servers” in the upper left. Click “Add”.

Enter the IP address and port number of the SSR application. Server’s Address is, Port defaults to 1080. Protocol select SOCKS Version 5 “OK”.

Click “Check” to check connection status. If the green display screen is displayed, the connection will be successful.

After launching the application by double-clicking, the application setting screen is displayed from the menu bar.

Setting Connection Rules

Click “Proxification Rules”.

Click “Add …”. “Name” is optional, select “Applications” and “Shadowsocks R for Windows” from “Browse …”. Select “Direct” for “Action” and OK.

Set rules like images. Select “Proxy SOCS 5” for “Action” of “Default” and OK. With this, all communications are automatically connected to the Internet via the SSR server.

There is no switch in Proxifier. The rule is automatically adapted when the application is up.


  • We keep changing server information according to the situation in China. Delete the server that is no longer usable and update the subscription information.
  • If problems occur about ShadowsocksR for Windows, please contact the developer. UCSS can not solve the problem with the application.