How To Update Server Information

We update the server information from time to time and recommend that you set your subscription URL to Auto Update.

If you want to update manually, make sure you are connected to the Internet and follow the instructions below.

The subscription URL is a customer-specific address for obtaining server information online. Please be careful not to be published on SNS.


UCSS for Windows

Updated automatically when the software starts. Once the software is closed and restarted, the update will be completed.

SSR for Windows

Left-click the airplane mark on the menu bar. The server information is updated by “Node Subscribe” > “Update subscribe (bypass proxy)”.

If the server is duplicated, select the server from “Servers” > “Edit servers” before updating. Please delete and update.



You can update the server list from the menu bar > “Manual Update subscribe”.

If the server is duplicated, you need delete all servers from Server list > “Server Preferences” before updating.



Swipe right on the subscription name on the Home screen > “Update” to update.

You can set auto update from “Settings” > “Subscribe” > “Update on Open”.


“Setting” > “Favorite” > swipe the server name to the left > “Update”.

Potatso Lite

Update is completed with “Manage” at the top of the Home screen > “Done” at the top right without touching anything.


UCSS for Android

From the home screen, tap the menu bar on the upper left. Open your Subscription. It will be updated when you tap the cloud mark on the upper right.


The server list is displayed from the icon on the upper left. Update is completed by the + button at the lower right > “Add/Update SSR Subscription” > “SAVE AND UPDATE”.

If update not successful

If updating the subscription URL is not successful, there are two possibilities.

  1. Not connected to the internet
  2. Subscription URL has been reset

If your subscription has been reset, log in to your account, copy a new subscription URL, and set up again.